Welcome To Turis Station.

Turis Station is lost between dimensions in the quantum flow.
A newly awakened population of Autons try to survive on the scraps that slip through the multiverse.

Turis is a Lofi Metaverse and social simulation.
A living world with thousands of characters processing emotions and memories.

Turis Station is currently in development by REALITY BOFFINS.

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White Paper

Turis Station is a continually evolving project with new concepts and ideas being introduced all the time.

For more detailed information on the project, please checkout our White Paper



Phase 0 - Prototype Transition

Watching and waiting...

After several years as a prototype, Turis Station is beginning to come alive...

This is the phase we are currently in. We are transitioning our internal prototype to the live project attached to wax.

Phase 1 - The Autons

The Awakening of the Autons

Watch your Auton live out their life amongst within the community.

Having experiences, learning to live, creating memories.

Phase 2 - Social Spaces & Events

Social Spaces

As communications improve on board Turis Station, you will be able to join your Auton and enjoy exploring the station.
Meet with other Autons and their Players. Challenge them to mini games. Share the journey together.

Then after you log off, your Auton will continue living on the station. Going about it's business.

When you return, your Auton will greet you and can inform you of what it's experienced while you were away.


As part of the station engine, players will be able to buy/rent space on the station to host exhibitions of assets, live music events, or just have a social hang out to show off your wax assets in game.

Additional Information - Wallets

This phase relies heavily on the native implementation of WAX Wallet access for unity. Although there are solutions currently for WebGL/JavaScript wallet access, they feel to much like a dirty bodge than a robust solution. There are movements within the community for a native C# library and we are confident by this phase a library either community, or internally developed will have been achieved.

Phase 3 - Jobs & Missions

Someone's got to do it...

Teach your Autons new skills. Find them employment on Turis Station as more areas and facilities start to come online in Phase 3.

This phase will mark the beginning of the play to earn aspects of the game experience. Players can apply new skills to their Autons via NFTS, which will than allow the Auton to passively generate new resources via staking.

NFT Asset Information

The assets made available at this time will be Autons, accessories, memories and mission tokens.

Phase 4 - Market

Turis Station has always been a thriving economic hub and now this revitalised Station can welcome in new stores and communities.

This phase aims to implement the trading of Wax NFT assets from the wider Wax community, inside the game engine with physical market places scattered throughout the main concourse of the station.

Phase 5 - LofiMeta

You know where we're going...

The success of the previous phases will mean we now have a fully functioning Turis Station with multiple areas consisting of living spaces, social spaces, play to earn employment opportunities, games, missions and thousands of awakened, Autons.

The Infinate Development Cycle

Turis Station is intended to be a living, evolving project with no specific end goal or date. We will be continually expanding the station and introducing new mini games, accesories, features, spaces, jobs and more for you and your Auton to enjoy.


Turis Station is a Reality Boffins Project

Reality Boffins Ltd, Llanfairfechan, Conwy, UK, LL33 0UB
Company Number : 14060208
Dun & Bradstreet Company Number : 228245451
Directors : Rob Spaull & Charles Gershom